Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Birthday Parties

Take the stress out of arranging your child's birthday party with our Children's Parties.

We can offer Football or Multi-sports to children of all ages and can even arrange a suitable venue for you! 

"The party was really professional but extremely fun and engaging! We had children that usually have no interest in sport, and they adapted the activities perfectly to make it inclusive for all of A****'s guests".  

What about booking a venue, and how many can we cater for?

We can cater for any amount of children, as long as the chosen facility can also cope with the demands. Support Sport are very supportive with finding facilities to use, and will even do it for you, free of charge.


We are flexible enough that you can request exactly what you'd like involved in your party, for instance children 8+ often like a competitive theme with more like 15 friends, but younger children tend to have around 30 children invited and why should they! its their big day!

Not done it before? Want to know about the ideal party?

A typical 2 hour party start with a nice easy ice breaker to begin with (5-10 minutes), to ease the children into the activity whilst all of the birthday boy or girls best pals are arriving!

Then the fun begins! The children are now at ease and will be put into teams for an action packed warm up game, such as dodgeball, cowboys and indians or other fun games aimed at increasing motivation for around 10 minutes, working towards the big event!

The birthday boy or girl may request certain sports to choose from, include, or avoid in their party, so that we all know how much fun they are going to have when we move into the main session, which is around 20-30 minutes long.

After around 45 minutes, children will be able to delve into their lunches, packed by parents! It's a great opportunity to sing happy birthday, blow the candles out and wish to win the final competition up ahead, alongside photo's opportunities and an opportunity to socialise!

Lunch usually take around 10-15 minutes, so we tend to have a fun, but less active return from lunch with games of tug of war, shootouts or other competitions, before our grand finale!

The grand finale will be a tournament, where we keep points and have a few prizes in stall for the winning team! The exact tournament can be decided by children, parents or coaches, depending on preference! 

Results are announced in front of parents, shortly before the end of the party, with the children celebrating and parents applauding their efforts! Again, a great photo opportunity, and even better when we dish out the prizes, and scream the happy birthday song whilst handing our present to the birthday child.

As the party is so hassle free, it leaves plenty of time for parents to chat or help set up and tidy away, it's really as easy as that!

For more information or to arrange a birthday party for your child, please call us on 07801 597666 of email us on